Monday, March 23, 2009

Wishing He Was Here

I haven't posted in a long time mostly because I was busy with wedding plans, school, and work.

The wedding went beautifully. Just as we hoped it would. I realize it wasn't the "perfect" wedding in the traditional sense, but it was the perfect wedding for us. We honored Caleb which was so important. And although some people (or one person) chose to cast a negative light on that and on our wedding day in general, overall it was the day I have always dreamed of.

Weddings are so much more than picking the right cake or choosing the perfect song for the first dance. Weddings are a celebration of love. Brandon and I have been through some very hard times in our years together. Those who have known us for the duration of our relationship know this. We continue to experience hard times every single day. I will never pretend that we are a perfect couple because we simply aren't. But in the grand scheme of things I don't think it's the perfect moments that you remember when you are 90 years old. I think you look back at the hard times and remember how you fought to overcome the adversities that were placed before you and how the struggle made you even closer. Our wedding didn't celebrate how perfect our love is or how right we are for each other--our wedding celebrated how committed we are to creating a lasting love and life together in good times and in bad.

It was a beautiful day and when I stop being lazy I will post a ton of pictures. But for now I leave you with these few....