Friday, November 14, 2008

MRI's and Wedding Plans

I love being married. It's so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life. ~Rita Rudner

I had the MRI on my pelvic area/ uterus this morning and I think I realized that I am claustrophobic. I've always suspected that I am but I really felt like I couldn't breath when I saw that machine. I did the best I could though. I just thought about Caleb and how much I want a baby and decided that if this is what it takes to make my dreams come true then I can do it. I can do anything for 30 minutes. We should get the results back from that soon and then we will go see a specialist who will be able to tell us if there is anything physically that is going to stop us from trying to get pregnant again. They will also tell us if genetically there are any issues. I keep praying that we will get a chance to be parents again by next Christmas. I hate putting a timeline on something like this but it's the only thing holding me together right now.

We went to Brandon's niece's-my future niece :)- 1st birthday party last Sunday. I thought it was going to be much harder than it actually ended up being. She is so adorable and at a really fun age right now. I think, or hope, I kept it together and that my sad moments didn't show too much. I did let some tears flow after we left but Brandon was there for me like always.

The Wedding....So what started off as a short ceremony and dinner is quickly evolving into a little bit more that I think we expected. We are still having a very casual wedding and only inviting close friends and family but we decided insted of doing dinner in a banquet room at a restaurant we are going to rent a private reception hall. We found a very nice and inexpensive one in Pickerington and, after going back and forth a bit with the owner, we have signed the contract and put a security deposit down. It is so beautiful and very intimate- which is what we are going for and what a restaurant lacks.


Everything is included- tables, chairs, etc.- so all we have to do is set up food and drinks. Oh- and I have to find something to wear! Which also means I need to start eating better than I have been. I'm sure going back to work will help the weight loss process. I'm open to suggestions on wedding attire by the way. Email me if you see any cute dresses. I don't want a big, formal dress. And I have this whole thing about my arms showing. Who knows what I want. I'll find something I guess. If not, it's going to be a jeans and t-shirt kinda day. Maybe something like this... :)~


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Bev Johnston said...

You are so funny! I'm all about the bib overalls at the wedding!!! I love the reception hall...the hardwood floors are beautiful and the ceiling is very cool too. Ok the arm thing made me laugh...that was the exact issue I had with finding my arms are allowed to show so in the 96 degree heat I had a short sleeved dress, not a sleevless or a tank style like most of them are in the summer. Short sleeves were even more than I wanted to show but it was REALLY hot! looks like the plans are coming along nicely!!!